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Professional photo report application

  • Annotate your photos and 360° panoramas with detailed tags,

  • Manage your photo projects,

  • Generate automatic reports,

  • Save time and increase efficiency.

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Linking information with images

KipTag is an innovative professional photo report application developed by TagLabs.


It allows you to annotate your photos and 360° panoramas with detailed tags, and to generate high quality PDF reports in seconds.

Use cases: inventory of fixtures, diagnostics, site reports, inspection forms, safety management, pre-delivery & works-as-executed reports...

KipTag works offline and your data remain confidential.

Save time, work accurately, and communicate effectively with KipTag.

We can also customize KipTag to fulfill your requirements.

KipTag pour les investigations



Safety management



Quality insurance


An essential app

KipTag has many features adapted to various uses:

  • Photo annotation with multiple field tags,

  • Manage 360° spherical panoramas,

  • Edit and import lists with commonly used words,

  • Voice recording and URL links,

  • Virtual tour tags,

  • Import of PDF files,

  • Adding detail photos to tags,

  • Search engine,

  • Automatic interactive PDF reports generation,

  • Signature and statistics.


Do you have specific needs?



Google Play link KipTag

KipTag is free, no advertising!

Specific requests

Custom features, additional fields, training...

We can adapt KipTag to fulfill your requirements.

About us

KipTag is developed by TagLabs. We are a French company specialized in software development for the industry and the AEC companies.

Tags are the cornerstone of our work.

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Need help? Please visit our Youtube page and see our user guide:

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